Angels Revenge 3D - Money Mod Apk

Humans finally eradicate Zerg from the earth, but at a painful cost. It doesn’t end there however, as they have to destroy zerg’s dens on other planets. So the journey begins. Download this game in mod and get money to help in the humans quest to eradicate the vermin that is Zerg. In the porcess, you get to enjoy amazing game features such as Unity engine offers a brand new 3D combat mode, multilingual versions which can meet demands of players in different regions, improved combat skill system makes you stronger, improved combat, smoother movement, more types of weapons which provide more choices to you in quests, optimized performance to brings a better manipulating experience to players., various strong Bosses make quests more challenging, elaborate scenarios bring a better visual experience, more and stronger Bosses are waiting for your challenge, various types of weapons are available, providing you with different combat experiences.