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Trucksform – Money Mod Apk

From EVL PPY comes a racing game in the form of Trucksform. The Earth is about to explode and Dr. Brainz needs your help. Take a seat in your advanced off-road transforming truck and tackle some of the most difficult terrains to gather the necessary artifacts needed to build the Magma Stabilizing Machine.
Your journey will take you through several continents, from desert dunes to volcanic mountains and lush green hills, all spread over 60 action-packed levels. There are countless obstacles in your way but you are well equipped to overcome them. Your amazing truck transforms to different specialized machines:
– Off-road Truck – this is your default driving choice, a versatile, fast and durable truck that is best suitable for rough terrain, ramps and jumps.
– Gun Truck – sometimes it’s better to blast through obstacles than pass over them. Use your gun to clear a path through exploding barrels and debris.
– Drill Truck – sometimes even the mighty Gun Truck can’t blast through tonnes of stones and concrete walls and this is where the drill transformation comes in handy.
– Helicopter – this special transformation will allow you to fly over difficult terrain.
Your different trucks are great but you can make them even better. Each of the 4 trucks gets a series of upgrades that will improve their characteristics. And what better way to do that than to download this game in mod and get money that will allow you to build the best truck suitable for any terrain and challenge.


Trucksform - Money Mod Apk Trucksform - Money Mod Apk Trucksform - Money Mod Apk


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