Last of the Survivors - Money Mod Apk

This is a survivor horror game in which you are the “Last of the Survivors” in a world hit by a mysterious virus spread after Earth was struck by a meteor. It has been 10 years since this occurred and most of humans have turned into Zombies. You are an ex-Solider, now part of surviving humans, set on a mission to reach the last known location from where your daughter contacted you. Survive through various stages of the world torn apart after millions turned into the undead overnight. You have to make use of any available resources and progress with your mission. Kill zombies, survive the undead horde, gain experience and unlock new weapons and vehicles to help you survive longer! Download this game in mod and get money and also enjoy such features such as Endless Zombie killing action and survival, Beautifully designed Isometric/top down graphics, Zombies infested areas to traverse, Dynamically generated Levels and Environment, Dynamic Day-Night Cycle, Dynamic Weather effects (Rain & Lightening, Snow and Winds coming soon), Various weapons to help you on your mission(like Shotgun & Assault rifle), Use various vehicles to cover distance faster (of course you can runover the Zombies too!!), Gain Experience from killing the Zombies and Collect Resources to upgrade your weapons.